WHY is it that when you drive over the Queensferry Crossing in even quite moderate traffic you are often reduced to second or even first gear, and this on a route which is designated as a motorway?

The answer can only be that the bridge was built with too few lanes. And that must be down to the Scottish Government’s invitation to tender, which would have specified the desired capacity of the bridge.

The Queensferry Crossing is only five-years-old and has another 115 years of its designed lifespan to go and yet already it has insufficient capacity for efficient flow of even moderate levels of traffic.

At a cost of about £1.35 billion that is quite a mistake.

It was the SNP Government in 2009 which invited tenders and they are still in office today.

It is high-time they are held accountable for this egregious incompetence.

Otto Inglis,