Unless you are a Native American or Alaskan Inuit, everyone who lives here is an immigrant, or whose ancestors were. I don't include African-Americans, as they are the only minority who never wanted to come here. How history has changed. We now have a population who want to be here, but no one wants them....

Americans take great pride in being a nation of immigrants. Why then are they so harsh on people who have the same dream their parents or grandparents had?

There are between eight and twelve million undocumented aliens living here. Do we deport them all? Of course not...

Apart from the sheer logistical problem of rounding up, housing, and then transporting eight million people to other countries, it is impractical and immoral.

We have a minor power struggle here in Washington DC. Arizona is trying to pass a Law on immigration, which is the domain of the Federal Government.

United States v State of Arizona lawsuit has been filed. It was inevitable and the outcome is predictable. States can't pass Laws which are the Supreme domain of the Government.

In the US constitutional system, the federal government has supreme authority to regulate immigration matters. The US immigration laws take into account law enforcement, foreign treaties, and humanitarian interests.

Not much humanity taking place in Arizona.

Some of the proposed solutions for illegal immigration are odd.

Mr Barry Wong, Republican candidate for Arizona Corporation Commission, has the awesome idea for dealing with illegal aliens. Shut off their electricity! Arizona Corporate Commission regulates public utilities such as water, electricity and many other public service entities.

Mr. Wong hasn't announced how he plans to identify the illegal alien users of the power company.

Another proposed solution is that we all carry a National Identity card complete with biometric information and fingerprints etc., which is another Republican proposal. I already have one - it's called a drivers license. I also have a Green Card, Social Security Card, Military ID Card, Passport and for good measure a College ID Badge.

My wallet is packed with cards and I don't need another one. Internal Passports aren't needed in a Free Society.

Building a 'Great Wall of Mexico' along the seven hundred mile US/Mexican border is another remedy taken seriously by Congress. This wall would of course be constructed by cheap immigrant labour, and when it's finished they have to stay on 'their' side of the wall.

Our World needs more bridges and less walls....

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