BP Executive Mr Tony Hayward will be soon tramping the frozen tundra of Siberia. Joining the ranks of the banished, following the results of six month earnings report and a request to reappear before Congress this week. BP is an International company and suffered a seventeen billion dollar loss this second quarter....

Siberia is very similar to the Outer Hebrides, with less people there of course. Mr Hayward's new job is to coordinate Russian and BP oil drilling exploration and he will be non-executive director of Russian joint venture TNK-BP.

BP seems to hold multiple records. The biggest corporate drop in profits in history, and creating the world's worst ecological disaster.

The Russians aren't quite as picky about the environment as the rest of the world is, and Tony should fit in quite well.

Mr Robert Dudley, an American is scheduled to be his replacement. Born in Mississippi Mr Dudley brings a home-grown crisis management to the spill. 40% of BP shareholders are American so I suppose that is appropriate.

Shrimp, Catfish and domestic sea food are getting scarce over here. At least the ones which haven't been marinated in Gulf Oil for a few weeks. Fisherman along the Gulf coast line will have to adopt new careers until the environment improves.

The Iriquois La Crosse national team were refused entry in to the UK as they all have Iriquois passports, which the UK Government doesn't recognize.

The Iriquois Tribe who invented the sport are, like most Native Americans an independent nation and their Tribal Homeland straddles upstate New York and Canada. The team were scheduled to play international La Crosse match against the US and were the favourites to win.

Unfortunately they never got the chance and were left stranded at the airport despite State Department appeals for waivers. Ironically they were offered passage only if they used American passports, which they declined.

If you look at the history of the Iriquois and other Native Americans I can understand their reluctance.

Wikileaks.org web site has received a huge advertising boost by posting 'Secret' and other US Military documents. None of these documents harm National Security and only reveal what most of the public already knew.

The Afghanistan government is hopelessly corrupt and the US along with their allies are really up the creek as far as having some type of exit strategy. This War is the longest in US history.

Corruption in Afghanistan extends from the ineffective, unpopular National Government down to the local tribal chiefs, who ultimately control the country. The US has tried throwing bombs at these people and are now throwing dollar bills at them hoping this will shorten the War and let them leave.

Staying there is no longer an option and we should just leave.

This has been a rather sad week. The passing of my younger brother, Bruce Young of Glenrothes after a long illness. I hope I meet my maker with the same strength, humour and courage Bruce did.

He leaves behind a wonderful wife, daughter and three beautiful grandchildren.

Everyone who knew Bruce will miss him.

I know I will.

Across the Pond