Rep. Louie Gohmert a Republican from Texas, announced from the floor of Congress that terrorists are importing pregnant women to give birth here, which of course gives them automatic American Citizenship. These baby Bin Ladens then return to their homeland, according to Rep. Gohmert and will be returning in twenty years or so to wreck havoc on The United States...

This would have to go down in history as one of the slowest, most inefficient terrorist schemes ever conceived by any radical Jihadist group. Rep. Gohmert has offered to provide proof, but so far is claiming his sources will be killed if they are revealed.

Never mind that he totally made the whole thing up, and has embarrassed his Republican colleagues, who really wish he was a Democrat. Terror Babies claim is a new scare tactic to whip up a new frenzy over immigration.

Louie has numerous very funny, and some creepy speeches on and they are really worth watching.

This is an elected politician who has the ear of the American public through his Congressional speeches. Confronted on national television, Rep. Gohmert became extremely childish and refused to back up his claims.

Iillegal immigrants from across the Mexican border, giving birth to children here to gain Green Cards and residency, was the Republican mantra of the month. This apparently didn't gain enough attention so Rep. Gohmert added his own little twist to the scenario.

Just like Parliament, politicians can say what they want on the floor of the House with full immunity. This is of course quite right and a basic principal of democracy. Someday though you just may have to back up these claims.

In the 1950s Senator Joseph McCarthy manipulated the American public with allegations of Communists in the State Dept, the US Army and Hollywood. Actually McCarthy saw communists everywhere and he ruined a lot of careers.

McCarthy carried a list of spies with him, which he would wave in the air in front of reporters. No one knows of course, but this list could have been his grocery list for all the public knew. McCarthy appealed to that small audience who saw conspiracies under every bush. Today we call them The Tea Party.

Well, the voice of reason finally spoke up with Edward R. Murrow's famous broadcast, and the Senator from Wisconsin was unable to prove his allegations, and he faded into an alcoholic obscurity.

It may be time for Rep. Gohmert to fade into obscurity.

Gen David H. Petraeus, US and NATO commander in Afghanistan, gave his first national press interview. The odds that the US will be withdrawing any meaningful number of troops next august isn't going to happen. Very well coached by his political advisors, the General left the troop departure an open ended decision.

I'm old enough to remember Gen Westmoreland, McNamara and the Kissinger days. Not much changes except where our soldiers get killed fighting someone else's war. Kabul will fall just like Saigon.

The proposed Muslim Mosque at New York City's Ground Zero remains a sensitive topic. There is a problem with this controversy however. The Ground Zero Mosque is neither a Mosque nor is it at Ground Zero. It's a Community Center and will be roughly two city streets away from the Twin Tower Memorial site.

The building houses a basketball court, community rooms, culinary training class area and two rooms have been set aside as prayer rooms. Not what I would consider an Al Quaida terrorist training camp as hate mongerers would have us believe.

If Muslims can pray at the chapel in the Pentagon, they should be able to pray in an obscure building in lower Manhattan. Across the Pond