We have a grass roots political action movement here called the Tea Baggers. The name of course comes from the waste of really good tea in Boston harbour during the Boston Tea Party incident in 1773. 'Baggers' as they are affectionately called are an ultra conservative movement dedicated to dragging us all back to the Great Depression.......

The Boston Tea Party was in response to a tax cut by the British to support an ailing East India Tea Company. They should really have kept the tea and tossed Boston in the harbour. This was a colonial corporate bailout. A good thing perhaps? Passage of the 'Tea Act' made tea cheaper.

You really can't please everyone, not even with cheap tea.

I've met some Tea Bag supporters, I socialize with a couple of them at my local pub. They have to be some of the oddest political entities to enter American politics. I never thought there really was such a thing as an ultra-conservative until this party appeared on the political scene.

They have to exemplify the frustration voters have with mainstream politicians.

How can I best describe an ultra-conservative? Well, they make the Taliban look like drunken sailors on shore leave. Tea Partiers are the ultra-ultra conservative movement. Neo Nazis, Klansmen or skinheads aren't in their membership as they are considered to moderate.

Baggers have sub-movements within their ranks. 'Birthers' - These people believe President Obama was born in Kenya and is president illegally. Then we have the 'Churchers' - This group believe President Obama is a secret Muslim dedicated to over throwing Christian America.

Astute Republican politicians smelling a few extra votes latched onto this movement, and they have evolved into the spokesperson(s) of the Republican Party. Baggers are the 'Sinn Fein' of the Republican Party.

If there is one thing Tea Baggers seem to have in common, apart from driving pickup trucks, and having confederate flag decals on their bumpers, is that they represent everything that is, or was wrong with America.

Dragging us back to the days of Sheriff Bull Connor in Montgomery, Alabama. Governor George Wallace standing in the steps of a schoolhouse denying access to African American students. This is the hatred and fear the radical right thrive on. Protesting what they see as a tyrannical government.

Tea Party ideology appeals to the lowest levels of society.

Appearing at Town Hall meetings and rallies with photographs of President Obama with a Hitler moustache is a common, often photographed scene. No one should draw a Hitler moustache on a portrait, unless the picture is actually of Hitler of course, and then it's all right.

Social Security, Medicare, Dept of Education, Dept of the Environment, Internal Revenue Service, women in the military, gays in the military, gay women in the military, illegal immigration, legal immigration, health care reform, hippies - you name it, they are opposed to it.

Every social programme which benefited America since the Great Depression, they are against.

I think most rational people would write this party off as a loony tune organization and move on. They have however been surprisingly very effective. Nevada, Alaska, Delaware, Colorado, Utah, Kentucky and Florida all have Republican candidates for US Senate who won after being endorsed by these people.

Christine O'Donnell the Republican candidate for Senate in Delaware has to be the Poster Child for the Tea Party Movement. Ms O'Donnell who is in her early 40s and by her own account remains 'chaste'. She has also stated her opinion on 'self love', which is something I am going to have to have the reader figure out for themselves.

Ms O'Donnell is running on a political platform of bringing Christian ideals, family values to the Senate. All this of course while being investigated for campaign fraud, tax evasion, unpaid college loans and she forgot to pay her campaign staff from her last unsuccessful bid for office.

Politics is definitely never boring over here.

Across the Pond