Black holes are a fascinating phenomenon. Some astrophysicists believe that matter sucked into one might pop up in an alternate universe. In fact, string theory postulates that we live in a multiverse where every possibility exists. If that’s true, somewhere there’s a universe in which the Tea Party are victorious. And another where Sarah Palin is a genius. No! Maybe scientists should reexamine string theory.

I don’t understand String Theory or the grassroots political Tea Party movement. The ‘good old days’ weren’t really all that good and I have no desire to go back to them. Yellow fever and influenza epidemics, no votes for women, Jim Crow laws, prohibition, Korean War - just what was so good about the old days?

Is the Tea Party a valid political party or a far right anti-government political activist movement? They have attracted bigots, racists and the far right ultra-conservative. They have no real tangible political agenda.

Running on a naïve, generic platform of less government, lower taxes, cut spending, repeal all economic and social reforms. On the surface these would be admirable. I don’t like paying excessive taxes and cutting spending is a good idea. However, where does this money come from?. This is where the Tea Party fails, they have many ideas, just no way to pay for them.

Just for once I would like the Tea Party or a Republican candidate, focus on the solution and not the problem.

Wall Street - America’s favourite Casino, is salivating at the opportunity to get their hands on the billions of dollars held by the US Government under the Social Security retirement program. Investment Wall Street banks are contributing millions of dollars to support Republican candidates who will vote to privatize social security.

I don’t want my retirement fund to end up on Wall Street. I want it to go for foreign wars, or for compensating BP for getting our Gulf water mixed up in their oil. I want my money to go to large corporations as subsidies and tax incentives for moving jobs off-shore, and for drilling for oil in the Alaskan tundra. Our oil which we will buy back at very lucrative prices.

Of course I’m not serious.

Campaigning Democrats are walking the political plank, and there’s sharks in the water. President Obama is doing an excellent job, but he fails miserably at promoting his party’s agenda or accomplishments. As salesmen, the Democratic Party leadership couldn’t talk Mel Gibson into another bourbon.

Heavily financed Republicans on the other hand are shouting from the airwaves their past accomplishments, majority of which are either distorted or were Democratic initiatives. Refusing to speak to the media, unless it is the foreign owned Fox ‘faux’ News. Republicans want to bring us back to the 2008 Bush administration.

This was the same administration who dragged us into two foreign wars and took a budget surplus and turned it into the biggest deficit in US history. My great-grand children are going to be paying for the expensive foray into Iraq and Afghanistan for a long time.

Former President Bush has remained deafeningly silent in these mid-term campaigns. For obvious reasons George W. Bush is hiding out in Texas and has not actively supported candidates of his own party or taken part in campaigning. I wonder why?

If I was responsible for eight years of his administration I would be hiding out too.

Across the Pond