President Bush emerged from exile in Texas to do what he does best, putting his foot in it. Regretting he never got the opportunity to privatize the Nation’s pension system while in office. President Bush was kept busy instigating foreign wars and alienating the American working class...

Republicans prefer the term ‘privatize’ to describe their goal of handing billions of dollars of money held in trust for American retirees to Wall Street banks. These banks of course are major financial backers of the Republican Party. This proposed shift in public funds is the worst kept secret in Washington.

Bernie Madoff must be wringing his hands in federal jail thinking of ‘what could have been’. In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy found herself in a strange place, “We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto”. I know how she felt, I don’t recognize Washington DC anymore and it’s politics. Millions of dollars of expensive negative campaign advertising from anonymous sources who want to ‘buy’ the election.

Republicans have reached a new high in how low they will sink in political campaigning....

Candidate for Nevada Senate race, Sharon Angle emerged from ‘Der Bunker’ to announce she will no longer be talking to the media. Petulantly claiming they always ask ‘the wrong questions’ Angle will remain silent until after the elections. Reality, and Ms Angle have never been very close friends.

Keeping silent and refusing to face the media spotlight is a new strategy for Tea Party candidates. The vast majority of these candidates refuse to announce their political agenda and only talk to Rupert Murdoch’s Fox ‘Faux’ News.

Fox News and their parent company, News Corp. is the American version of Pravda. Owned by Australian émigré turned US citizen, Rupert Murdoch. Mr. Murdoch became a US citizen to circumvent foreign ownership in mass media, and he owns a huge television, cable and print media network. He also contributes millions of dollars to far right movements to further his financial and ideological goals.

There’s something wrong in having a foreign national having the ability to influence our elections. If America is going to be politically stabbed in the back by anyone, it should be by an American. It only seems fair.

Recently fired National Public Radio announcer Juan Williams was fired by his employers at NPR after claiming that Muslim travellers onboard aircraft made him nervous. Fox News immediately hired Mr. Williams as a political analyst. This wasn’t Mr. William’s first bigoted comment and NPR was right in showing him the door.

If Muslim travelers on an aircraft make Mr. Williams uneasy, he really needs to ‘man up’ and take the train. This same argument and statement was common during the struggle for civil rights.

Four more days until the elections and voter harassment and intimidation seems to be a strategy adopted by the Republican Tea Party activists not seen since the days of Jim Crow in southern states. Organizations with ridiculous patriotic sounding names such as ‘American Patriot Org’ and ‘Liberty Watchdogs’. Hiding under the cloak of patriotism these volunteer polling station observers have one goal - to intimidate minority voters.

The ‘March to keep Fear Alive’ takes place this weekend in Washington DC. Similar to the ‘Million Man March’, with more people of course, the rally is to promote ‘Fear in America’. Hosted by Comedy Central Stephen Colbert and John Stewart, this pseudo-political rally is in response to Fox ‘Faux’ News spokesman, Ayatollah Glenn Beck’s ‘March to restore Honour’ held earlier.

It should be an interesting day.

Across the Pond