The ‘Rally to Restore Sanity’ and ‘Keep Fear Alive’ in America wrapped up in Washington, D.C. this weekend with a huge crowd on hand to see performances from The Roots, John Legend, Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), Ozzie Osbourne, Tony Bennett, Sheryl Crow, Kid Rock and more. Tour buses and fans arrived from all over the US.

Not a Republican in sight except for one brave gentleman who refused to leave his pickup-up truck. Wearing dark glasses he handing out GOP literature from a cracked side window. I may be wrong but he did bear a strong resemblance to Glenn Beck.

Described as a Political Woodstock, this event was a tremendous success and had an attendance of over 250,000 from all over the States. This more than doubles the attendance than the ‘ March To Restore Honour’ held by the evangelical Christian Right far right moral majority.

I chatted with two students from the University of Mississippi, neither of whom had ever heard of Cat Stevens. I chatted with people from all over the world and US. Packed like sardines in the metro rail system to the event but it was a minor inconvenience. One thing I did learn today is that there is no maximum capacity on a DC underground Metro rail. Just like in Tokyo, metro attendants were on hand to cram people into each car. My feet never touched the floor in between stops. After a twenty minute ride into DC all my fellow passengers were bosom buddies.

Humerous signs were everywhere - political, satirical and just plain silly. One placard with the standard Republican Hitler moustache painted on the subject was on display, but that was all right as the picture was of Hitler. Solidarity Marches were held in place like Boise, Idaho, Seattle, Washington , Los Angeles, Austin, Texas and Chicago. This Rally couldn’t have taken place without voters in the US becoming frustrated how politics have changed this year, not for the better. Voters are normal decent hardworking people and the recent trend by Republicans and the likes of Glenn ‘Lord Haw-Haw’ Beck and Rush Limbaugh have for the most part disgusted the public.

Voters are mad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore. They’re mad at Republicans, Democrats, and Tea Party oddballs. People are mad at the reverse Robin Hood scenario of taxing the poor and giving to the rich.

There wasn’t a Tea Bagger in sight, which was unusual. It was very refreshing to see placards and signs which were spelled correctly, which is something the Tea Party have always had difficulty with. No racist neo-nazi signs, degrading pictures of the President or anti-immigration placards.

Most of us don’t like politicians, but fortunately we live in a country where we have them. Rallies like this can only happen in a free society.

Something the minority parties would like to change.

Across the Pond