A traveler at San Diego International objected to the 'pat down' security measure instead of being scanned by full body X-Ray. Not the sort of thing you expect at an airport. Labeled the 'Rosa Parks' of airline travel, 'don't touch my junk' has become a rallying cry for air traveler's rights.

In order to protect our rights and freedom, we have to give up a few, right? No of course not. Being physically searched is a small price to pay for some level of security on an aircraft. Just 'don't touch my junk'.

I think given the choice between being groped and being dead, I would take the former.

Somewhere in a cave in the remote highlands of Pakistan, bin Laden and al-Zawahiri are dancing around their campfire rejoicing at the downfall of American civil liberties.

Republicans are promoting their job growth agenda, which is admirable, except the jobs are in Asia. We have a 9.6% unemployment rate (on average) and the Republicans are against refunding unemployment benefits for those hardest hit. In another proposal which shows just who the Republican Party represent, they have elected to push for a seven hundred billion dollar tax reduction for the most wealthy Americans.

In an ironic move, this multi-billion dollar tax cut will have to be paid for by middle income Americans. The people who don't really need the tax cut are receiving it, paid for, by those who do really need it.

President 'Pinochet' Bush is busy crisscrossing the country peddling his political memoirs. He may have a hard time in the UK and the rest of Europe regarding his self confessed use of torture, which he belatedly found out, is against international law. President Bush hasn't announced if he will personally attend book promotions in the UK or the rest of Europe.

France and the Netherlands are quite possibly the only two countries who would take the unusual step of arresting the former President. Head of State immunity expired when he left office and conning allies into joining his military campaigns hasn't left him many friends.

Although there are grumblings in the media about prosecuting the former President, this is unlikely and would create a constitutional nightmare. On a positive note, President Bush's book 'Decision Points' is selling well in Tehran, Kabul and Islamabad as a torture reference manual. 'The Dummies Guide to Interrogation' by G. W. Bush.

President Bush's book should really be displayed in the 'fiction' section of book stores. His timeline of events leading up to the Iraq War never happened and are contradicted by numerous former advisors and memos. Claiming he had a legitimate reason to invade Iraq, which of course he didn't. WMDs were a plausible, yet false rationale for invasion that unfortunately allies and the American public bought into. The invasion of Iraq was justified by false intelligence against a country who posed no imminent threat to the US or it's allies. There were no WMDs and Bush and his advisors knew it.

'Decision Points' is a preemptive attempt by George Bush to rewrite how history will judge him.

I don't think history will be very kind to Mr. Bush.

Turkey Day this week. Happy Thanksgiving America.

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