Prison inmate No B33920, (Charles Manson) was found to have a mobile phone under his mattress at California State Prison at Corcoran. Smuggled phones aren't unusual in state prisons, however, how a high profile inmate like Charlie got one is a puzzle. Of course, how he figured out how to use it is another mystery....

Manson has been incarcerated for over forty years and when he was last free, petrol was .35 cents a gallon and a phone call cost a dime. Whoever Charlie called must have had an interesting conversation. Julian Assange owner of the 'Loose lips, Sink ships' Wikipedia fame has surrendered to British authorities. He also remains something of an enigma. He doesn't appear to be profiting from his new found fame and is perhaps something which is quite rare today, a man with convictions.

Chutzpah is what my Jewish friend would say he has, and he has a lot of it. Swedish authorities are vague about the criminal charges, and it's quite probable they are acting on outside requests. Sweden would like to maintain their fake neutrality stance and are nervous about what documents Assange has which might damage this perception.

PayPal has ceased doing business with Mr. Assange's organization as have Amazon, Visa and Mastercard Corporations. When did these companies develop a conscience? Displaying exceptional corporate hypocrisy, Amazon is selling published copies of the leaked documents on their eBooks site.

After spending countless minutes analyzing the Wikipedia files, I am disappointed. There really is nothing there which surprised me. Details of corruption in Afghanistan, Russia, the Middle East. If these files were to reveal no corruption there, now that would be a revelation.

Latest release of Wikileak documents cite Pakistan as having forty three terrorist camps operating in it's borders. Only forty three? We have troops in Afghanistan, to fight insurgents who are based in Pakistan. I think we may be in the wrong country.

The Iraq and Afghan War are based on lies which Wikileaks is belatedly demonstrating. The Pentagon Papers showed the futility and corruption in Vietnam and helped to end the war. When keeping secrets have no tactical or strategic advantage other than to deceive the public, then we need Wikileaks.

Former US Vice President Dick 'Jong-il' Chaney and Mr. Assange are both on Interpol's arrest/detain request list. Mr. Chaney, who has a bad heart, and a cold one at that, has an army of lawyers to keep him away from questioning or detention. Nigeria has requested Interpol assistance in detaining Mr. Chaney. That's not going to happen of course as Mr. Chaney has too many secrets to tell and Interpol is very politically motivated in high profile cases.

Now if Nigeria would just stop sending me those ridiculous emails, requesting me to launder non-existent funds I would be happy.

President Obama may not be around for a second term. The Democratic Party have a rank and file mini 'Jihad' against the President over caving in to Republican demands that he continue tax benefits to the wealthiest of the nation. Holding unemployment payments hostage, the Republicans forced the president to do the right thing.

If President Obama doesn't toughen up a little, he may fail to win his own party's nomination for President in 2012. If the President has difficulty dealing with Republicans, how is he going to negotiate with the North Koreans or China?

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