DALGETY BAY’S Acrobay Gymnastics Club set the standard at the recent East of Scotland Acro Championships, returning triumphant with a clutch of medals.

The event, held in Linlithgow on 8th November, was attended by more than 200 gymnasts from clubs across the East of Scotland. For some of Acrobay’s younger gymnasts, this was their first taste of competition outside of their club. However, there was little sign of nerves as they performed with confidence worthy of more experienced gymnasts.

In the partnerships section, Acrobay claimed an impressive 16 gold, eight silver and two bronze medals. The final results were:- Gold: Ellie Hortsmann & Scarlett Haldane (Grade 1 pairs); Deanna Canny-Armitt & Melissa Dewar (Grade 2 pairs); Rebecca Weir, Amy Byrne & Isla Gould (Grade 2 groups); Mica Fraser & Grace Hurst (Grade 3 pairs); Nicole Paltiel, Emma Hunking & Chloe Brown (Grade 3 groups); Rebecca Smith & Eve Ormiston (Grade 4 pairs); Molly Simpson, Olivia Keir & Erin Bailey (Grade 4 groups); Stephanie Irwin, Katie Halliwell & Jordan Bak (Grade 5 groups); Katriona Norman & Abbie Martindale and Erin Henderson & Jaymi Neilson (Grade 5 pairs); and Emma Stevenson, Rebecca Stewart & Amy Middleton (x2) (Grade 6 groups) Kirsty Norman & Alice Wyse; Taylor Wilson and Beth McCulloch (11-16 pairs) and Jodi Watson, Jane Stevenson & Chloe Rowlands (x2) (11-16 groups).

Silver: Ellie McInnes, Annaleece Simrick & Jasmine Parris (Grade 2 groups); Abby Pavelin & Ruth Carson (Grade 3 pairs); Rebecca Sinclair & Katie Junor (Grade 4 pairs); Erin Henderson & Jaymi Neilson and Katriona Norman & Abbie Martindale (Grade 5 pairs) Kirsty Norman and Alice Wyse; Taylor Wilson and Beth McCulloch (11-16 pairs) and Zoey Harrower, Catriona Mitchell & Lily Hunking (11-16 groups).

Bronze: Rachel McCormick and Eve Gillies (Grade 5 pairs) and Zoey Harrower, Catriona Mitchell & Lily Hunking (11-16 groups).

Gymnasts aged between five and 12 also had a chance to shine in the individual skills category. Once again, Acrobay’s girls and boys all performed beautifully, each one of them displaying bags of talent and great promise for the future. There were also gold medals for Ffion Smith (6), Shivam Marfaye (7), Caitlin Mitchell (7), Melissa Dewar (8), Jasmine Parris (9) and Deanna Canny-Armitt (11); silver for Bethany Woodburn (8) and Amy Langskaill (9) and bronze for Aimee Arnott (6), Ellie McInnes (8), Ellie Horstmann (11).