THE most control you can have of your golf ball will come from the smoothest swing your body can produce. Usually, with a little patience, you can perfect your practice swings to look good, rhythmic and balanced. You must emulate the movements throughout the swing, without the urgency to hit at the ball hard.

Picture a slow-motion swing that you may have seen on TV. The backswing could actually be this slow. It would not shorten the overall length of shot even though there is no speed going back. I sometimes ask my pupils to take the club away from the ball in this slow-mo action to feel the difference between ending the backward movement and beginning the downward.

Believe it or not, this can increase your speed through the ball at impact.

Try to feel like the body is turning like a wind-up toy, as you slowly generate the twist round on the backswing and the lift of the hands up to ear level. You should feel from here how an increase of speed down and with the accelerated action helps a lot.

Every golf shaft, whether steel or graphite, will perform and bend at a particular speed. If the shaft needs a 75mph swing speed then there is no need to swing faster. You may find the driver you have requires a speed that you can't quite manage. If it's too stiff, then it will not bend enough. Ask your PGA pro what speed he reckons you have and check your equipment is suitable.

To improve confidence and get started on building confidence, please work on your good skills. Practise your favourite clubs and get a positive feel about your game. Some golfers find a middle iron quite easy to play but the longer clubs too tough. Some drive the ball well but struggle with the short game. It's important to seek help from a PGA professional if you have trouble clubs. Please don't try and fix these problems alone.

I hear many pupils having lessons saying that "things were getting so bad I need help". Thirty-minute lessons can save you endless hours trying to figure it out yourself. Even the tour pros seek help EVERYWEEK – if they can't manage alone neither can you.

Most of you would benefit and possibly see a change if choosing a different club from certain places on the course. A three wood off the tee would probably leave you with a slightly longer second shot but it maybe better placed on the fairway. A low-running pitch into the green with a nine iron may be more successful than your usual high lob shot. Even try using a putter from off the green for a change and take note of any improvement in results. A poor putt toward a flag will have a better result than any poor pitch to a flag.

I would like you to imagine your best day on the golf course. What would be your best shot? If you had the chance to perform in front of a gallery of people, what club would you like to play?

Previously, I've touched on the fact that the nearer we are to the hole, there is more pressure to play the shot near perfect. Does that mean we have loads of room on the teeing ground? Would you like to play without the worry or feeling that you must hit a perfect shot?

Let's make a conscious effort this month to strengthen our body with muscles practice and strengthen our minds with confident practice.

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