ABERDOUR Bowling Club members and guests had their annual dinner at Burntisland Golf Club on Saturday, which saw the prizegiving to the 2016 season trophy winners.

Winners were: ARC Shield – Jack Ritchie, runner-up – Frances McRae; Andrew Gold Cup – John Murray, runner-up – Kevin Kelly; Andrew Lochtie Trophy (gents pairs) – Jack Ritchie and Phil Slater, runners-up – Jim Smith and Kenny Crombie; Arthur Partridge Trophy – Kenny Blake, runner-up – Phil Slater; Autumn Trophy – Ann Stafford, runner-up – Jane McMaster; Bert Leslie Trophy – Jack Ritchie, runner-up – Alex Paterson; Black Cup – Brian Kelly, runner-up – Kevin Kelly; Carl Baird Trophy – Kenny Crombie, runner-up – Ann Stafford; Centenary Trophy – Willie McKay, John Murray, David McLeod, runners-up – John Russell, Frances McRae, Lyn Young; Cowan Cup – Terry McMahon, runner-up – Phil Slater; David Bryant Trophy – Laurie McMaster and Sandy Mahon, runners-up – Kyle McMaster and John Stafford; De Wilton Cup – Brian Kelly, runners-up – Jim Smith; Eleanor Wilson Memorial Trophy – Kenny Blake and Alex Waugh, runners-up – Ann Stafford and Tom Graham; FEP Shield – Kevin Kelly, runner-up – John Stafford; Ferrie Trophy – Jim Phillips, Sandy McMahon and Greta Heggie, runners-up – Ann Stafford, Jean Hughes and Frances McRae; Forrester Arms Cup – Kevin Kelly, runner-up – Brian Kelly; Gents Champion – Terry McMahon, runner-up – Kevin Kelly; Graham Henderson Trophy (mixed pairs) – Jim and Jane McMaster, runner-up – Frances McRae and Willie McKay; Ladies’ champion – Laurie McMaster, runner-up – Ann Stafford; Ladies’ Pairs – Laurie McMaster and Jane McMaster, runners-up – Sheila Bald and Lynn McGonigal; Ladies’ Open Cup – Jean Haddow, Elspeth Miller, Sue Allan, runners-up – Frances McRae, Jean Moultrie, Helen Graham; McLean Trophy (nominated pairs) – Jim Smith and John Stafford, runners-up – Jim Phillips and Johnny Phillips; Morris Shield – John Stafford, runner-up – Jack Ritchie; Ned Borthwick Cup – Phil Slater, runner-up – Jack Ritchie; Nominated Triples – Jack Ritchie, Kevin Kelly, George Haddow, runners-up – Jim Smith, John Stafford, Kenny Crombie; Plymouth Shield – Jim Smith and Carol Gorton, runners-up – May Brown and Jane McMaster; President’s Prize – Phil Slater, runner-up – Ann Stafford; Quick Air Quaich – Jane McMaster, runner-up – Kevin Kelly; Sandy Kerr Quaich – Jim Smith and Jim Phillips, runners-up – Kenny Crombie and Rab Morris; Simpson Cup – John Russell and Tom Draper, runners-up – Kevin Kelly and Joe Lynch; Turnbull Shield – Kevin Kelly, runner-up – Elspeth Miller; 125th Anniversary Trophy – Jim Phillips, Elspeth Miller, Lynn McGonigal, runners-up – John Russell, Greta Heggie, Helen Graham.