CONVENTION will go out the window for Knockhill racers this weekend when competition goes into reverse around the circuit.

For the first time in more than 20 years, the full Scottish Motor Racing Club Championships will race on the anti-clockwise configuration around the famous track.

Throughout its history, virtually all racing at Knockhill has taken place in the conventional clockwise direction but Sunday's SMRC organised event will be a first in more than two decades.

The reverse direction track was re-created in 2012 and has since hosted both KMSC bike racing and Super Lap Scotland events.

Sunday's meeting will see all the Scottish classes tackle the country's 'newest' track and Stuart Gray, Knockhill director of events, said: "We are all eagerly looking forward to Sunday as it will be the first time many of the racers have competed on this track.

"Knockhill in reverse is a stunning track and offers an entirely different track for the racers. Any knowledge or experience racing clockwise is not of any use as it is entirely different, and even more exciting, going the other way.

"We have been running this format for all our bike and SLS events for four seasons now and the competitors love it. Some are marginally quicker the other way and it has also thrown up new winners too.

"With the costs of away rounds in England being so expensive, this initiative gives racers a new challenge and experience at their home track.

"It effectively gives Scotland a second full time race track."

Racing starts at 10.35am with 16 races scheduled for Formula Fords, Legends, Scottish Classics, Fiestas, Celtic Speed Mini Coopers, BMW Compacts and Saloons and Sports.

Adult admission is £15 at the gate, but for returning spectators from the Touring Cars, admission is only £10 upon presentation of the their BTCC ticket.

For further information on ticket details and on the event, visit