ACROBAY gymnasts won 60 medals at the 2017 East of Scotland Acro Championships.

Members from the Rosyth club – the youngest of which was just four – joined more than 200 gymnasts from other clubs across the East of Scotland area and returned with 60 gold, silver and bronze medals and five special awards.

The competition, held over the weekend of October 28-29 in Linlithgow, consisted of two sections – the individual competition and the acrobatic championships – with the former giving some of the youngest competitors their chance to shine.

More than 100 boys and girls, aged from four to 12, took part and demonstrated skills in three categories: range of movement, six individual moves and rebound.

For a number of Acrobay’s younger contingent, it was their first taste of competing outside their own gym but they took it in their stride.

Striking gold were Maisie McNicoll, Fallon Farrell, Lucas Waugh, Malin Begg, Adam Broadbent, Poppy Pain, Emma Nelson, Emma Tait, Rose Martindale and Isla Gould; silver medals went to Lucy Muir, Ellie Breach, Poppy Green, Andrew Reid, Clara Joyce, Iona Begg, Erin Banks and Chloe Chadha; while Grace Cunningham, Ava Curtis, Arran McNicoll, Aimie Jefferies, Emma Stollery, Emma Burns, Georgia Mayson and Isla McIntosh won bronze.

Special awards for the highest scores of the day all went to Acrobay, with top marks for six moves going to Clara Joyce, range of movement to Emma Nelson and overall highest score to Poppy Pain.

The following day saw 86 partnerships take part in the Acrobatics Championships and perform either one, two or three routines depending on skill level.

Acrobay gymnasts dominated the medal podium in every category entered.

In NDP grades 1-5, there were gold medals for Emma Nelson & Emma Stollery (Grade 1 Women’s Pairs); Ffion Smith & Clara Joyce (Grade 2 Women’s Pairs); Emma Tait, Caitlin Allan & Ruby Cunningham (Grade 2 Women’s Groups); Mia Logan & Sophie Humphries (Grade 3 Women’s Pairs); Sean Habrovitsky & Kamila Denicka (Grade 3 Mixed Pairs); Nephele Idehen, Jasmine Parris & Eilish McNicoll (Grade 3 Women’s Groups); Rosie Jasper & Ava-Violet Daglish (Grade 4 Women’s Pairs); Lewis Cullen-Young & Katie Hendry (Grade 4 Mixed Pairs); Jaymi Neilson & Eilidh Park (Grade 5 Women’s Pairs) and Orla O’Neill, Amy Byrne & Caitlin Mitchell (Grade 5 Women’s Groups), while Jaymi & Eilidh and Orla, Amy & Caitlin took double gold for their balance and dynamic routines.

Silver medals were won by Emma Burns & Malin Begg (Grade 1 Women’s Pairs); Isla McIntosh & Poppy Green (Grade 2 Women’s Pairs); Caitlin Richardson & Lucy Winch (Grade 3 Women’s Pairs); Kirsty Cochrane, Emma Gillies & Daisy Campbell (Grade 3 Women’s Groups); Catherine Hillis, Aimee Arnott & Poppy Jones (Grade 4 Women’s Groups) and Eve Gillies & Kayla Ballantyne (Grade 5 Women’s Pairs), who were awarded Silver in each of their two routines.

Erin Banks & Elise Joyce (Grade 2 Women’s Pairs); Isla Gould, Chloe Chadha & Poppy Green (Grade 2 Women’s Groups); Ruth Carson, Clara Davidson & Anna Walker (Grade 3 Women’s Groups) and Amy Middleton, Eve Ormiston & Hannah Johnston (Grade 4 Women’s Groups) all took home bronze.

The club’s FIG (international) gymnasts also had a successful competition, with every partnership picking up a medal for every routine performed.

There were gold medals for Catriona Mitchell & Ailidh Forbes (Age 11-16 Women’s Pairs); Mica Fraser, Deanna Canny-Armit & Melissa Dewar (Age 11-16 Women’s Groups); Rebecca Stewart, Ellie Horstmann & Scarlett Haldane (Age 12-18 Women’s Groups) and Erin Henderson, Sacha Muir & Chloe Rowlands (Age 13-19 Women’s Groups), Silver for Abby Martindale & Grace Crawford (Age 11-16 Women’s Pairs) and Bronze for Olivia Keir, Erin Bailey & Casey Cameron (Age 11-16 Women’s Groups).

In addition, Mica, Deanna & Melissa claimed double gold, coming first in both their dynamic and balance routines, while Rebecca, Ellie & Scarlett and Erin, Sacha & Chloe made it a clean sweep, scooping three gold medals apiece for their balance, dynamic and combined routines.

There were also further accolades for Sean and Kamila, who were presented with the Judges’ Choice Award for their beautiful routine in the Grade 3 Mixed Pairs section and for Sacha, Erin & Chloe, who won the award for highest score of the day for their outstanding combined routine in the age 13-19 category.

Head coach Suzanne Fraser said: “It was a fantastic competition and for many of our gymnasts, the first real opportunity to showcase new skills, routines, grades and partnerships against other talented Scottish gymnasts. I’m really pleased with everyone’s performances, I see improvement each time they perform. It’s a great start to the competition year ahead.”