THE “smile says it all” for the mum of a racerunning youngster from Crossgates.

Cameron Urquhart has an extreme form of short trunk dwarfism which required spinal fusion at the age of three.

The nine-year-old has found a sport he loves in the form of racerunning at Pitreavie.

For mum Amanda, it means the world to see her son thrive and impress his friends at Crossgates Primary School.

She said: “We went along for a couple of taster sessions and after being a bit nervous to start with, he’s done exceptionally well.

“To see him with a smile on his face is amazing.

“There’s a ‘wow wall’ at school so he got to give a presentation to his classmates about all his medals and to show he was really good at this.

"That’s amazing for me.

“He just loves it.

“It’s great to watch him in his bike and to see that smile on his face.

“He has so many challenges but once he’s on his bike, he’s off.”

Amanda couldn’t praise the Piteavie Race Runners enough for their help in making Cameron feel comfortable and understanding his condition.

She said: “It affects Cameron’s entire skeleton.

"All his joints are affected and he has constant pain.

“His consultant described it as like having osteoarthritis in all your joints at the same time.

"It is really important that Cameron exercises safely.

“Racerunning, while immense fun, means Cameron doesn’t have to do physiotherapy in a hospital environment.

“He is also on the autism spectrum which means a lot of clubs for ‘average’ children are unsuitable.

“Since starting racerunning, his confidence and self-esteem have improved amazingly.

“This club is amazing. The children in this group benefit hugely from this club. The club have allowed him to loan a bike at home, so he can practise at the school playground. That helps him in a social aspect, too.

"Racerunning has really given him a lot of confidence and it’s great as a parent to see him flourish.

“He’s now competing against boys aged 15 and 16 in competitions.

"He’s done so well for himself to compete against older boys and to win medals.”

The Press teamed up with housebuilder Taylor Wimpey East Scotland recently to offer good causes across West Fife a share of £1,000 in our Community Chest initiative.

Amanda has nominated Pitreavie Race Runners for the cash award.

She added: “More money equals more bikes and more kids getting a chance. Once on the bike their mobility is their own.

"It allows them to move around in a way many can’t without the bike.”

Race Runners are running bikes that are without pedals, have a three-wheeled frame with a saddle and provide body support, providing those with a disability and impaired balance the opportunity to compete in sport of a range of distances.