PITREAVIE AAC Endurance member Michael Mullan made it two-in-a-row after another storming run in their recent five-mile handicap race.

Despite having had his handicap adjusted since the previous month, the Rosyth competitor claimed his second successive victory as 31 runners – including a number competing in their first official handicap – took part.

Mullan led the runners home followed by Alan Fullerton, who continued his return from injury with a significant improvement on the previous winners, while Fiona McLeod – with her first podium finish – completed the list of prizewinners.

Due to the effect of the handicapping process, the actual race times were very different from the finishing times, with John Cotton setting a blistering pace to finish in 31:32, a full minute ahead of first-timer Gary Fraser in 32:31, who was then followed closely by Mike Gudgeon in 32:41.

Craig Chisholm showed that he hadn’t been put off by missing his start time, running 32:47, and staying almost a minute ahead of Scott Clark in 33:34, Allan Fullerton in 33:45, Graham Hall in 34:22 and Graeme Downie in 34:33.

First-time runner Linda Fletcher was first woman home in 37:44, just pipping Lauren Gordon in 37:45, with another minute’s gap until Graeme Baxter in 38:40 and Ally Proven in 38:51.

There was then a a flurry of finishers; Kenneth Syme in 39:16, Adam Parsley in 39:18, Paul Dick in 39:39 and Craig Shield in 40:48.

The third-placed woman, and third place in the handicap, was Fiona McLeod in 40:58, followed by Michael Barr in 41:13, Margaret Blanski in 41:26, Susie Hogg in 41:47, Huw Thomas in 42:05, first-timer Nicola Moriarty in 43:12, Gillian Philp 43:17, Isla Hopkins 43:43, handicap winner Michael Mullan dead-heating with first-timer Lynne Begg 44:49, Christine Syme 44:52, Nicki Compston 46:26, first-timer Gail Cree 46:28, Rebecca Prow 47:13 and Debbie Cooper 48:39.