A TEAM of West Fife fitness fanatics have won the tug o' war to win a first-ever competition that has taken inspiration from the Highland Games.

CrossFit Fife, based in Dunfermline's Elgin Industrial Estate, took five squads to the maiden 'Clash of the Clans' event in Perth, which was open to CrossFit boxes from throughout the country.

The competition, which combined regular CrossFit and strongman movements, saw teams made up of four people take part in a wide range of events, including a farmer's walk with loads of up to 100 kilogrammes, worm lifts, thrusters, lunges, burpees, toss the caber, synchronised movements and handstands and walks.

Held over two days, two of the five – 'Oh My Quad', consisting of Neil McLucas, Holly Cribbes, Richard Chessor and former Scotland under-19 international footballer Katey Turner; and Bar-Barians, made up of Kris Gemmell, Laura Stevenson, Alex Jenkins and Michelle Lawrenson – finished in first and second place respectively.

A third, 'Fife Gone Bad', missed out on third place by a solitary point and Lorraine Hart, of CrossFit Fife, said: "Regardless of results, we are incredibly proud of how all of our teams conducted themselves.

"They trained hard in the lead-up to the competition and they impressed many, inside and outside of CrossFit Fife, with their abilities and work ethic."

Winning team member Holly, who studied biomedical engineering and works for a medical device company in Dunfermline, commented: "I've always been pretty active and into sports all my life.

"I did tae kwon do from a young age and was a blackbelt when I was 14, and played football in the SWFL (Scottish Women's Football League) North when I was at uni.

"I joined CrossFit for a new challenge, to learn new skills and improve my strength and fitness. I've been hooked since!

"I absolutely love the community too; you couldn't get a more supportive bunch."

Her team-mate, Neil, added: "The main reason I enjoy it so much are the people, from words of encouragement to banter.

"The coaches are awesome as well; they work us hard but make it fun."

Entries for next year's event are already open and, for more information on CrossFit Fife, visit their website: www.crossfitfife.com.