A CANMORE Primary School pupil qualifies as the youngest member of the Scottish Motorsport Marshal Club.

Primary 7 pupil Katie Moffat might only be 11 but she spends her spare time as a cadet motorsport marshal helping keep rally drivers and spectators safe.

Earlier this month, Katie was helping provide essential safety services at the Jim Clark Rally in the Borders.

She said: "I like motorsport and race cars because they are noisy, fast, cool to watch and have colourful designs!

"I have grown up watching rallying and other motorsport on TV and online.

"I have been to see the Snowman Rally twice with my dad and grandad as well as several other rallies.

"I also go to Knockhill frequently as it is local to me, and I have been to Kames to watch a junior rally.

"I wanted to be a cadet marshal so that I could help to make it safe for people to come and watch rallies, meet the drivers and co-drivers, and see the cars up very close!"

For Katie to become a cadet, she had to pass an online test.

She got her Motorsport UK cadet marshal licence on her 11th birthday.

Then, 42 days later, she was out helping at her first rally.

She helped with passage control at the end of the Abbey St Bathans stage as well as the Jim Clark Rally.

She added: "My dad woke me up very early at half past five in the morning and we left around 6 o’clock.

"The temperature was -4°C when we arrived, so I was glad I had lots of clothes on!

"Dad and I went to sign on and met senior marshals who kindly gave us a gift and goodie bag. We were also handed an armband to wear, which was too big for my little arm!

"I helped my dad by remembering the previous car number so he could write it on the co-drivers' time card.

"I got the chance to talk to drivers and co-drivers whilst dad filled in their time cards.

"It got a wee bit warmer as the day went on but I enjoyed the heat coming out of the cars when they stopped and the co-driver opened their door!

"Most of the co-drivers and drivers were friendly and thanked us for coming along to help. I even got a few bags of sweets from co-drivers and drivers!

"Since I had been up early, and had been outside and busy all day, I was very tired and fell asleep on the way home. We had a treat for dinner and I chose a sausage supper."

To be a marshal like Katie and get the best seat in the house, visit smmc.org.uk for more information – be part of the action!