The “potential implications” from the football season being suspended due to Coronavirus are not yet known, Dunfermline Athletic’s chairman has admitted. 

Ross McArthur has issued a short statement backing the decision to call a halt to all games and said everyone’s health was the first priority. 

It’s not clear when or if the current season will be completed - Pars are currently fifth in the Championship - and how badly clubs’ finances will be affected. 

Mr McArthur said: “Football in general is facing an unparalleled challenge from coronavirus. The current season has been suspended, and there is considerable uncertainty. Everyone associated with our club, of course, is incredibly disappointed, but this measure had to take place.

“DAFC is a real family club, and the protection of the most vulnerable people in both our community and country, is much more important than football. We ask that everyone stays safe, remains vigilant and follows the medical advice to combat the spread of the virus. This will help the potential threat of the virus to pass quickly but is likely to be a fact of life for the next couple of months.

“Now is not the time for me to discuss the potential implications of what this all might mean for our football club, because being frank I don’t yet know, until we obtain more certainty over the coming week or so. All I can say is that it will create another challenge that we have to overcome.

“It would be my intention to provide regular updates to our supporters, as and when I have more information.

“Thanks for your support.”