ATHLETIC have issued a rallying call to fans and said that they "need your further support more than ever" after putting season tickets on sale.

Yesterday, the club announced that cards for the 2020/21 campaign, which is scheduled to kick off in mid-October, are now on sale.

With the new season beginning later, the 10 Championship clubs agreed to a shortened season of 27 games, meaning that each team will play each other three times instead of four.

As a consequence, Dunfermline will have only 13 or 14 home matches, and some of those could be played behind closed doors, or with a socially distanced attendance.

But, with revenue drying up as a result of football being stopped, chairman Ross McArthur has urged supporters by buying a season ticket if they can.

Speaking to the club's website, he said: "For everyone in the world the last few months have not only been unprecedented but extremely challenging.

"Sadly, too many people have been lost to us over this period but the sense of community and engagement demonstrated, together with the courage and strength shown by so many, have been genuinely heart-warming.

"It has proven to be a somewhat bruising time for me personally, but I will continue to fight tooth and nail to look after the best interests of our proud football club.

"In terms of running and managing the football club, during this period, it has also been particularly difficult and there will be a continued need to try to predict the unpredictable as we move forward.

"Planning has been challenging, and the Board needs to be honest and transparent with our loyal and generous fan base by setting out the position as we see it.

"I have pointed out previously that I felt we could not start selling season ticket cards until we had a better idea of the games programme for next season. I am pleased that all of the Championship clubs have worked together collaboratively and pragmatically over the last few weeks to create a viable and measured fixture card for season 2020-21, which takes into account the risks as we currently understand them.

"Consequently, we are now comfortable putting our season ticket cards on sale for next season, albeit with some challenges.

"As I highlighted in March, I had originally hoped that we would put season ticket cards on sale, as normal, in early May - so we are now actually six weeks behind. The revenue that we receive from season tickets allows us to plan with some certainty for the coming season.

"This year, perhaps more than ever, we need to have a good idea of the likely level of that revenue. So, I now appeal to as many Pars fans as possible to assist our club in preparing for the coming season by purchasing a season ticket card.

"We need to determine, as quickly as possible, our likely income. This will allow us to plan and provide Stevie (Crawford, manager) with an appropriate budget to strengthen the playing squad.

"I am acutely aware of the many financial challenges individual families may have at this time, and I am hugely respectful of this fact and appreciative of the donations we have received to date, which continue to make me feel very humbled.

"However, I would not be doing my job as club chairman if I did not issue a rallying call to our fans to support our club in terms of planning for next season.

"We need your further support more than ever as all football clubs face significant challenges in the coming season."

It is anticipated that the majority of matches will take place back at full capacity in stadiums in 2021, but any games played in a socially-distanced ground are likely to be in front of home fans only.

As well as having priority to those matches, season ticket holders will have access to a live stream of any matches behind closed doors, while Betfred Cup group stage games have also been included in the price.

McArthur added: "All of the DAFC Board genuinely appreciate the efforts of our fan base over many years since we came out of administration in 2013.

"We are once again faced with yet another challenge along the way which is of not of our making.

"Your continued support, at this difficult time, would be hugely valued as we try to navigate our way safely through the season ahead of us.

"We need to stand together once more (even if it is socially distanced at the start). I know, because this is Dunfermline Athletic, that I will not stand alone."

Tickets can be bought online, or from July 3 at the club shop at East End Park.

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