THERE’S been no stopping aspiring Pars players from continuing to play during lockdown – and they recruited one of the game’s biggest stars to join them.

Footballers with Dunfermline Athletic Girls’ and Ladies’ (DAGLFC) under-11 team kitted themselves out, headed for the garden and showed off their skills to put together a COVID-19 showreel on camera.

Whilet the talented youngsters were the stars of the show, they were treated to a memorable appearance by Scotland international, and Manchester City midfielder, Caroline Weir.

The 24-year-old Pars fan, a former pupil at Dunfermline High School, has found herself unable to train due to the pandemic, while the FA Women’s Super League season was ended with immediate effect.

That enabled her to show off some of the ball work that has helped her to win 71 caps for her country, and appear at two major tournaments, while inspiring the rising generation of Pars kids after she was contacted by a member of the club.

Alan Martin, chair of DAGLFC, commented: “We’re really chuffed with how it’s turned out.

“It kicked off a few weeks ago when we asked the girls to film themselves. During that period, Andy Lawson, who knows Caroline’s family, got in touch with them. She filmed a wee bit and then we weaved it all together.

“It’s a nice way for the girls to remember this period, and gives them something to look at. It’s been sent on to grannies and grandpas, so it’s given more exposure to the club, and it’s something quirky that they can look back on.”

Although a return to regular football isn’t on the immediate horizon, the Pars youngsters have been enjoying virtual training sessions led by ‘Football Buzz’, and fitness sessions led by ladies’ captain, Jenna Sexton.

Alan added: “The girls are loving the sessions run by Football Buzz and we are grateful for the partnership with Martin McCann and his team. Martin has linked us in with a club in Canada, Calgary Rangers, and we hope that will become a weekly thing.

“Our ladies’ captain, Jenna Sexton, has been running a fitness session on a Tuesday for all age groups, and there has been a good turn-out.”