A WEST FIFE American football team are the Kings of the British isles after touching down for victory in a virtual nationwide competition.

The Dunfermline Kings, who are one of three squads within Carnegie American Football Club, took part in the first-ever 'virtual' Twitter 'Britball Cup' recently and emerged triumphant.

Having joined the BAFA (British American Football Association) League for the 2020 season, the full-contact squad have had what would have been their maiden bow in the competition put on hold due to COVID-19.

They had been due to play in the NFC (Northern Football Conference) Two North, going up against Gateshead Senators, Darlington Steam, Dumfries Hunters and Clyde Valley Blackhawks on a home and away basis.

But, with physical football not taking place, the DC Presidents, based in County Durham, organised the online competition that saw the competing teams battle each other for votes from social media users.

Through a combination of cheeky Tweets, the backing of the Pars and what the Kings' Darren Allan described as "civic pride", they reached the final against the well-established Ipswich Cardinals – and won.

As well as gaining a host of new followers and boosting the profile of the club and the sport, the Kings were able to support Andy's Man Club with a cash boost, after anonymous donations were made to create a prize fund for the charity of the winners' choosing.

Darren, who is a coach with the club, said: "I think we got over the line because of civic pride; I think everybody in Dunfermline was on it!

"We also had people from America, who were ex-Dunfermline, Tweeting us saying, 'I'm voting from the States'.

"It's been a good laugh and I think the biggest thing for us, being a new team in the league, is that we're getting to Tweet teams and meet teams virtually that we wouldn't normally play.

"We got a donation for a charity of our choice, and made the decision that we would half it with the guys in Ipswich. They were really grateful; they gave it to a hospice, and we donated our money to Andy's Man Club.

"It's been really good for British American football, and even more importantly, really good for the smaller teams."

In addition to the Kings, Carnegie American Football Club have a flag team, in a non-contact version of the sport, and the Dunfermline Saints, a youth team for ages 10-18.

They are based at Duloch and, for more information, find them on Facebook, Twitter and at http://carnegiefootball.com/.