ROSYTH Football Club are aiming to move in to their new home at Pitreavie Playing Fields in November.

Work to create a new base for the East of Scotland League, First Division outfit is underway, and will see them relocate to the Queensferry Road site from their current location at the Fleet Grounds.

In 2018, the club left its former Recreation Park home, on Admiralty Road, after Fife Council granted planning permission for a Lidl supermarket to be built on the site.

A condition of the deal was that a replacement ground would be provided for Rosyth, but they have been playing games and training on the astroturf pitch at the Fleet Grounds, on Wilson Way, ever since, with potential moves to other locations in the town falling through.

However, earlier this year, planning permission was put in place for the club to move into a newly-created facility at Pitreavie, which also gave the green light for the Lidl development to begin, although they told the Press in April that building work would not start until January 2025, with a scheduled opening date of November 2025.

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Work is, however, progressing on the football club's new home, which will see a floodlit pitch, compliant with East of Scotland League regulations, created.

A segregated walkway will provide access to the pitch for players and officials from the changing rooms, which will be in the existing pavilion, whilst a separate access point for spectators, car parking, toilet and catering facilities have all been earmarked as part of the development.

"We're on schedule, looking at November time," chairman Russell Craig told the Press.

"Myself and Dean (Ogg, vice-chairman) met with the East of Scotland League board the week before last and just reaffirmed our plans. All the drainage is in.

"We're now, in the next couple of weeks, looking at floodlights and the (perimeter) fencing (around the pitch) going up.

"Touching wood, because of this project and the history of it, we're going to be there. We're not far away. It's exciting times for the club.

"We just wanted that first spade in the ground and, to see what's been done in the space of four, five weeks, is phenomenal."

Dunfermline Press: Rosyth FC could be playing at their new Pitreavie home in November.Rosyth FC could be playing at their new Pitreavie home in November. (Image: David Wardle.)

Describing the project as a "game-changer" for Rosyth, Craig said that the facility would allow them greater opportunity to bring in revenue through advertising and sponsorship.

He also said that the new facility will be open and available for the community to use, something which he said was important to the club.

"We've always said, since we were ejected from the park, that we are indebted to the local assistance and support we've had with our current sponsors. We can't thank them enough," Craig continued.

"This potentially, and hopefully, takes the club to the next level because it allows us to really open the doors for local businesses to get involved with the project, and coupled with the security for the club with the tie-in we've now got with Pitreavie.

"We want it to be inclusive for the community. It's not our park.

"Yes, we lost our park, which was a private park, but this is an astroturf. We want kids to use this. We didn't want to kick people off who had been using a facility, so we didn't want to take over an existing astro.

"That's why we've gone down the route of building a brand new astroturf because, when we're not there, it's there for the community. It's there for the boys clubs.

"It's not just Rosyth; it's whoever uses the facility. They can hire it out, they can rent it out.

"We've got certain bits within the building, and we're getting our pie hut and whatever, which will be exclusive to us, but we'd open that up. There's certain aspects of it that are just for us, but the majority of it is for the community.

"It's been hard, it's been really hard, physically and emotionally draining, but we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel."