Dunfermline 41 Greenock Wanderers 7, National League Division Four

DUNFERMLINE head coach Gavin Emerson praised a "solid squad performance" as his team returned to winning ways against Greenock Wanderers.

The McKane Park club's men's first XV clocked up a bonus point victory to bounce back from their most recent match, a 36-26 defeat at home to Whitecraigs, which Emerson believes will ensure their consolidation in National League Division Four.

A dominant home side crossed the whitewash four times in the opening lead to establish a 22-0 lead, adding 19 more for the concession of just a solitary converted score, leaving them sixth in the table and 15 points clear of third bottom Perthshire.

"It was a solid squad performance on Saturday," Emerson commented.

"It was really nice for the players, and the coaches - we've had a really tough couple of weeks. The coaches put in a little bit extra away from the sessions just to try and look at what we need to work on.

Dunfermline Press: Dunfermline were convincing winners on Saturday.Dunfermline were convincing winners on Saturday. (Image: David Wardle.)

"We went with the right options. We looked at our defensive breakdown, our ball carry, our tackle zones, and just our continuity and support lines. Some of the scores we got on Saturday were unreal - just the number of hands it went through behind the game line was really good. It was a good performance.

"A lot of the boys were sore at training on Tuesday night, and that's actually just a result of how hard the boys played on Saturday. It was really, really good.

"We've done a lot of work with the guys on mindset and the things that they can control in the games. After the last game with Whitecraigs, I asked all the players from the firsts and seconds that played, what five things could've made the result from that, and, from that, with the boys in an indoor session, I was able to separate what's mental and what's technical, tactical stuff.

"All the technical, tactical stuff, they agreed we'd covered in training numerous times, but we need to have the right mindset, the body language, the energy to be able to execute these in a game environment.

"We've done a little bit of work around that and what those things look like, in terms of body language, energy in training, not arguing with each other, being positive throughout, and I think on Saturday we really hit it right.

"There was great energy in the warm-up, the boys had all bought in, all played for each other, and it was just a really good display of Dunfermline rugby."

Emerson continued: "It was great and, we spoke about in training, we still left three scores on the pitch where that final pass never went off but, as I said to the boys, that's a positive. We had to be in those positions to make those mistakes.

"A lot of the supporters said that's one of the best games they've seen Dunfermline play - just the running rugby, the way the handling went. The forwards got a driving score on the lineout, so it was just a real good, 1-19 display of rugby, which left me really tired after the game, just mentally, because of what we've been through the last few weeks.

Dunfermline Press: Dunfermline are back in action at home to Strathmore this Saturday.Dunfermline are back in action at home to Strathmore this Saturday. (Image: David Wardle.)

"It was class. It was testament to the boys that have stuck in over the past six sessions, and really put the effort up, to get their team-mates up to that level as well.

"I said to them that we can't sit on that and look back at the end of the season and say 'do you remember Greenock? We played really well, we got a good score and some great tries'. We need to build that into Strathmore this weekend, then we'll have a break, and then lets have a good shot at Garnock as well because Garnock have nothing to lose.

"They've just about won the league, but we can take some points from that game if we give them a good go.

"It's just building into that now, finishing the season in a good space, and then we'll have a real good positive vibe going into the next season."

This Saturday, Dunfermline host Strathmore at McKane, with kick off at 2pm.