DUNFERMLINE Rugby Club's first XV will bring their National League Division Four season to a close tomorrow evening and their head coach says he's proud of their efforts.

The McKane Park outfit, playing their first campaign of national level rugby since 2015, have consolidated their position in the division for next season and are set to finish sixth.

They go to third-placed Strathmore, who won 64-31 at the beginning of February, and Gavin Emerson wants his players to "have a good go" and end on a high.

Following their 38-27 loss to National League Division Two Stirling County in the second round of the National League Cup, Dunfermline had a free week to prepare for the game, and he said: "For us it's not a nothing game.

"It'd be nice to get a few points from it but, whatever happens in the result, we've finished in sixth space, so it's just another one for us to have a good go at Strathmore and try and better the result we got last time against them.

"The first thing, when you go up into a new league, is try and stay in it after the first season. Obviously National Four is a little bit different because three go down, so you've got to finish in seventh or above to stay in that space, so, absolutely, I'm really proud of the squad and how we've managed to achieve that.

"Also, underneath us, two teams that were in National Three last year and dropping out of the league. It shows that if the leagues had stayed the same, we would've survived in National Three this year, so that's quite a good one for us.

"We've had some good results against good teams. Five games we were winning at half-time by a bonus point as well, and we've just fallen away from that, so had those games fallen a little bit different, we could've been even higher in the league.

"It's not as though we've hung on by our teeth. We've earned that space and it's just a little bit of learning for the guys, and the coaches, to see how we can better that next season if we've got the same crop of players for next season as well."

The match kicks off at 7.45pm.

Meanwhile, in Caledonia Midlands Region League Division Two, Dunfermline's second XV were beaten 41-5 at Madras at the weekend while, this Saturday, Rosyth Sharks visit Strathmore second XV for a 3pm kick off in Division Three.