CHRIS KANE has been hailed as being "brilliant to work with" and for having a workrate and attitude to training that has delighted his manager.

James McPake has praised the on-loan St Johnstone forward's impact at Athletic so far both on and off the pitch, describing him as being of the "right character" to fit in with the squad.

Kane, 29, moved to KDM Group East End Park in February and, during Saturday's 3-2 win at Arbroath, notched his second Pars goal in his last three of five outings he's made so far.

"Even when he's not scoring, his all-round striker play's fantastic," McPake enthused.

"He gets you up the pitch, he gets you fouls, he doesn't give centre backs a minute.

Dunfermline Press:

"He's brilliant to work with. He's certainly in this league because of his injuries, because he's certainly a Premier League striker, and he's proven that over the last 10 or so years.

"He's in, he's playing games, and he is a senior player in our group. He trains really well - that's another thing I like about him. He's good about the place.

Dunfermline Press: Kane scored his second Pars goal at Arbroath.Kane scored his second Pars goal at Arbroath. (Image: Craig Brown.)

"Obviously Dave (Mackay, assistant manager) knew him (from their time together at St Johnstone) in terms of his character, which was massive in terms of bringing him to the club. As much as we wanted a good player, he had to be the right character, and he's certainly that.

"I love his workrate, I love his attitude to training, so I'm glad he's enjoying it. All strikers will be enjoying it when they're chipping away with a few goals.

"Goals will come for Chris Kane but, just the important thing for him now on a personal note, is that he's getting games after the long spell he had with injuries.

"You can see when he's getting games, and when he's sharp, he's a very good player."

For his own part, Kane commented: "I am really enjoying it.

"I wasn’t playing at St Johnstone. They have brought a few strikers in there and so I wasn’t going to get much game time. I said to the manager that I need to get game time and go out and play. I was delighted to get the opportunity here and I’m loving my time."