The clean-up to the vandalised baby memorial in Dunfermline has been completed, thanks to some Dunfermline residents and a local councillor.

Claire Swan had contacted Dunfermline South Councillor Naz Anis-Miah after seeing the vandalism that had been done.  

Councillor Anis-Miah said: “I was notified by a Claire about the desecration of the Snowdrop Baby Memorial Garden at Dunfermline cemetery.  

“I contacted Fife Council to report the vandalism and asked the residents to meet me at the cemetery after the morning school run.” 

Dunfermline Press:

Claire spoke of how she raised her concerns to Cllr Anis-Miah saying: “I got in touch with Naz last night and decided to go to clean it up as we can't treat babies with disrespect. I've lost a baby - she's in Edinburgh - so I couldn't leave this. I got in touch with Naz and him and Craig came this morning. 

“It's absolutely disgusting this has happened again, and someone must know who did this as it's not just normal paint it's gloss.” 

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The residents had managed to clean a lot of the paint off the memorial before Fife Council came to finish the job. 

Cllr Anis-Miah said: “We managed to clean a lot of it, however we were concerned about the gold lettering. The Fife Council team arrived with a special solution that removed the paint from delicate areas. 

Dunfermline Press: The cleaned up memorial.The cleaned up memorial. (Image: Contributed)

“We then got some fresh flowers from Tesco and made it as nice as we could. These moments are what makes Dunfermline a great city, when people come together for common good.  Losing a child is enough to deal with. I just wish the parents didn’t have to see this.”   

Cllr Anis-Miah called for tighter security measures to be put in place at the cemetery.

He said: “This is the second time that we have had vandalism at the cemetery, it would be good to have some sort of CCTV installation even at entrances. We can’t have this type of behaviour in our city.” 

Cllr Anis-Miah thanked everyone who came out to help with the clean-up.