HELP for Fifers living in poverty is being highlighted by Fife Council for Scotland's Challenge Poverty Week.

The nationwide campaign highlights that too many people are living with the constant pressure of poverty and urges a redesign of our economy so that everyone has enough.

Council leader, Councillor David Ross, said: “Sadly, poverty isn’t something new and the last few years have only made addressing poverty more challenging.

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“As a council we’re committed to making Fife fairer for everyone. The updated Plan4Fife sets out what we’ll do to tackle poverty and prevent crisis.

"This includes making it easier to access services through a no wrong door approach, breaking the poverty spiral by using community wealth building and focusing on prevention by proactively reaching out to people in need.

“We want to make sure every Fifer has easy access to coordinated, practical information and support. The OurFife community website brings all that information together in one place.”

In Fife, it's estimated that just over 23 per cent of children are living in relative poverty and 26 per cent of households are living in fuel poverty.