In March, it was announced a Dunfermline legend was moving away leaving a heartbroken community behind.

Spartacus the Tesco Cat had been a friendly face in the supermarket's foyer for many years but after a successful career at the Duloch branch, he was set to move away with his owners.

There's was a huge reaction when the Press reported the news of his impending departure with many people adding their comments and best wishes to Spartacus on our Facebook page.

At the time, Services Manager at the Tesco Duloch Park, Lynne Louden, told the Press: "All the customers just love him, he's been such a big part of Tesco and everybody is so gutted that he's leaving. They just absolutely love seeing him when they come in, the bairns come in, elderly folk come in, just to see him, and it's just not going to be the same without him."

To commemorate the friendly feline being such a big part of their team, Lynne said they would be making a commemorative plaque for Spartacus, so everyone who comes to visit knows he has moved away and is doing well.

Lynne and the rest of her colleagues were also planning putting together a goodbye goody bag for him, complete with blankets, tasty treats – and even a Tesco name badge for their top employee!

"We are going to miss him," she added. "He's a big part of Tesco, it's a shame."

His departure from his comfy window seat was originally announced on his Facebook fan account, Spartacus the Tesco Cat, which has 5.8k followers.

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