Plastic-Free Dalgety Bay, with 20 volunteers, undertook a beach and tree guard clean-up on Sunday (March 3).

The group collected at least 200kg of mainly sewage-related debris from St David's Harbour beach, and two sacks of plastic bottles and cans. As well as three tyres.

Kim Blasco, community lead of Plastic-Free Dalgety Bay (PFDB), said the volunteers had a good time, adding: “I think it’s always nice. I try to get around and chat to everybody if I can.

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“The main reason we are doing it is not to make the place look subjectively nicer, it’s to get as much pollutants out of the environment while they’re there.”

Dunfermline Press: The group found three tyres.The group found three tyres. (Image: Plastic-Free Dalgety Bay)

One form of pollutant found on beaches is nurdles. These are small, round plastics which tend to float on the surface of the water. They can be hard to spot and can be easily mistaken for fish eggs.

PFDB do not have any set dates for another beach clean but they are likely to do one in May, or when the weather is better in the summer months.