DUNFERMLINE Bus Station is becoming a "no go area" due to anti-social behaviour from gangs of youths.

That's the view of a member of the public who said she witnessed a young mum with her child being abused and then chillingly told 'There's more of us than you'.

The woman, who did not want to be named, said there is trouble regularly at the bus station and said something had to be done after highlighting incidents on Thursday, March 14.

She said: "There was about a dozen youths, boys and girls, and they were vaping.

"A woman with a baby said she didn't want to be covered in their smoke, but they were abusive and one of the girls said 'There's more of us than you'.

"If that isn't threatening and intimidating I don't know what is."

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Shortly after, on the number 19 bus, she saw a man confronted by a number of youths who knocked his hat off his head.

Dunfermline Press: A member of the public said that groups of youths regularly cause problems at the bus stance.A member of the public said that groups of youths regularly cause problems at the bus stance. (Image: Newsquest)

She said: "They're not youngsters either, they're almost adults, but I bet their parents don't know what they're up to.

"They need named and shamed and the schools and police should take action.

"It's becoming a no go area as many people are scared of them."

Last year the police stepped up the number of patrols in the area after concerns were raised about safety.

The woman continued: "Apparently one of the staff told a group of youths they were on CCTV but they knew the camera was there, they waved and made faces at it because they know nothing will happen.

"There used to be security but I don't think they're there anymore and you never see a policeman.

"And the bus station staff, when you can find one, have been told not to approach or address the youths.

"At one stage they did close the doors, they were supposedly doing it for safety, but it just locked everyone out. It didn't solve anything, there was just trouble outside instead."

She said that not all youngsters are causing problems but incidents she described as "very intimidating" are giving them a "bad name".

Another passenger had previously highlighted "nightmare youths" at the bus station and the woman concluded: "Why are we getting held to ransom by bad mannered kids?

"They've all got free passes to go anywhere they like but for those who have to use the buses they're making their lives a misery.

"With dial-a-ride getting less helpful, it seems to be just for taking people to hospital appointments now, more older people are having to go to the bus station.

"If they decide it's too intimidating and don't want to go out, they're just isolating themselves more and more. "And it's not even late at night, this was 6pm!"

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Stagecoach said it was a matter for Fife Council, who operate and manage the site.

The local authority's lead consultant for passenger transport services, Derek Beveridge, said that all activity in and around the bus station is monitored via CCTV and body worn cameras.

He added: "Any issues of criminality are reported to police and our staff do all we can to support customers and help with any issues."

Police Scotland said they had not received any report of trouble at the bus station on March 14.