PLANS have been tabled to turn the last pub in High Valleyfield into a shop.

Mr Chander Shekhar, of Sanya Chaitan Ltd, has submitted an application for a change of use for the Valley Bar, on Chapel Street.  

Information from Companies House says the company is registered for “retail sale in non-specialised stores with food, beverages or tobacco predominating”. 

The pub was a focal point for villagers in High Valleyfield for decades but has been closed for the best part of three years now.

Last September, the Valley Bar and the two-bedroom flat above it went up for sale with Future Property Auctions, with the company hoping to start the bidding at £80,000. 

However there was seemingly little interest in running the establishment as a pub. 

At that time, Rab McKenzie of the Valleyfield Community Council, told the Press: "There was a lot of people that used it, people that didn't work, the unemployed and the elderly during the day, it was a busy place. 

"The price of alcohol in the supermarkets has put a lot of these places out of the game as it's made it much cheaper just to sit and drink at home.

"It's a shame really. Now they they have to travel down to Newmills for a drink. It's a fair walk, but it's the walk back that's the issue if you've had a few!

"It's been open at least 60 years that I can remember and there was talk of it long before that. It was at the heart of the community."

The council will consider the application and make a decision in due course.