A FORMER teacher has released his most recent book on the history of the Kingdom, which features Dunfermline’s past and heritage.

Adrian C Grant, 76, who previously taught modern studies, geography and computing, has just published ‘Fife: Genesis of the Kingdom’ and we've got five copies to give away. 

The book includes the origins of Dunfermline, which only became a part of Fife in 685 when the Picts overran the Angles who had occupied Scotland as far as Stonehaven.

Before that, he explains, it was part of the kingdom of the Maeatae who originated in the Mariupol area of the Black Sea, which is now part of Ukraine.

Adrian aims to right a lot of misconceptions about the history of Fife. He also corrects the meanings of the names of some of West Fife’s well-known areas, including Dunfermline, Pittencrieff and Rosyth.

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Dunfermline Press: Dunfermline features in Adrian's latest book.Dunfermline features in Adrian's latest book. (Image: Adrian Grant)

“It's been six years in the making and I have been amazed by some of the conclusions I have reached!” said Adrian.

“I started off wanting to find out about the origins of Kirkcaldy, but I found that to do this not only did I have to research the whole of Fife, but uncover the origins of the Picts and the Scots as well!”

He added: “There’s so many lies told about Scottish history and the trouble is that other people then believe these lies, so what I did is unpick the lies and show what actually happened.”

The book is split into 15 chapters, some of which are about King Arthur, St Serf, and how the Caledonians reconquered Fife.

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Adrian commented: “It’s very readable and accessible.”

He also hopes that Fife Council will take advantage of the triple centenary coming up in 2030 to organise appropriate celebrations.

The year will mark 1800 years since the Caledonian annexation, 1000 years since the installation of Siward as Thane of Fife, and 900 years since the establishment of the Earldom/kingdom of Fife.

He hopes that the peregrine falcon will be adopted as the official Fife animal and the Lingonberry (the Red Whortleberry) as the official plant of the Kingdom!

'Fife: Genesis of the Kingdom' is currently available to buy from bookshops or as an eBook. 

To have a chance of winning a copy of the book, just answer this question. 

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